Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Welcome to Linux/Unix Tips, Tricks, and Tools.


More and more people are installing and using Linux at home, many of them for the first time. Although a modern Linux installation can be used entirely from the GUI, there are some things which are much easier or more convenient from a command line. There are also a great many useful tools that new users don't even know are available to them.

This blog will consist of a series of relatively short entries, each of which contains a tip, trick, or tool that many people using Linux and Unix for the first time may not be familiar with. If you are new to Linux or Unix, then this will be a great way to gradually build up your skills and learn some of the secrets of the Unix gurus.

If there is a particular command or tool that you've heard mention of, but you're not sure what it is, how it's used, or why it's used, feel free to let me know. I'll try to work it into the queue to post about.

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